Yarden Gerbi

World champion and Olympic medalist

Gerbi Randori- Cards Game
  • Gerbi Randori- Cards Game


    The game is intended for 2-6 players The game includes:

    116 cards (Two identical decks of 58 cards each)
    20 Attack cards: Osotogari, Koshi Guruma, Uchi-mata, Ouchi-Gari, Gerbi Choke. 20 defense cards: Osotogari, Ura-nage, Uchi-mata roll, Shido
    4 Matei (stop),
    4 Wazari (+2),
    4 Rei (direc<on changer),
    4 Jokers,
    2 cards explaining how to best fit your defense to the attack.


    The game's purpose - Get rid of all the cards in your hand


    Full Instruction are attached to the pack.